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    Stationary Vaporizers

    Stationary Vaporizers AKA Desktop Vaporizers are designed for home and office use. Although Desktop Vaporizers have cords and generally are bigger and heavier than portable vaporizers, they are the most efficient vaporizers with better vapor production and higher quality vapor.

    Desktop Vaporizers plugin to wall outlets so unlike portable vaporizers their performances are not limited to the batteries power. In result, they deliver robust vapor and big clouds.

    Desktop Vaporizers for Sale generally come in two different Style; Whip Style and Forced Air. Whip-Style vaporizers deliver the vapor through a silicone or steel tubing while Forced-Air Desktop Vaporizers utilize a strong fan to force the hot air to pass through the herb and fill a balloon. The Volcano Vaporizer (sometimes referred as the king of vaporizers) is arguably the best Forced-Air Desktop Vaporizer.

    Some Desktop Vaporizers are Dual-Function meaning that they are able to perform as both Whip-style and Forced-Air. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is a popular example of Dual Function Vaporizers.