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    What is a Vaporizer?
    Vaporizers are devices designed to provide a better and healthier solution to benefit your herbs and extracts. A Vaporizer heats materials (either dry herb or concentrates) without burning them. The produced heat by a vaporizer is completely enough to extract Flavor, Active Ingredients and Aroma of your material without reaching to the combustion point. The result is Vapor not smoke. Vapor is thinner than smoke, way easier to inhale and unlike smoke it doesn’t have the thick oily tar (you may have noticed it in a pipe that's been used for a couple of times).

    What are Vaporizer Types?
    There are two main categories of vaporizers. Stationary Vaporizers (AKA Desktop Vaporizers) and Portable Vaporizers.
    Desktop Vaporizers are designed to be used in home or office. Since they plug into a wall outlet, they have plenty of power to vaporizer your material and that’s why they have great vapor production and deliver robust vapors while the vapor is smooth, flavorful and pure. The bigger size of desktop vaporizers leaves more space for heating system which is the heart of the vaporizer.
    Portable Vaporizers are battery operated devices and provide a discreet way to enjoy your herb when you are on the go. With recent advancements in Portable Vaporizers, their popularity is on the rise and some brands are using cutting-edge technologies such as Convection Heating System, Precise Temperature Control and Bluetooth App Integration.
    Although sometimes an extra category is considered for Vape Pens, they are actually Pen-Shaped portable vaporizers. Pen Vaporizers are super discreet and extremely pocket friendly. Some Vape Pens could be used with dry herbs but they are mostly designed to use with concentrates and wax.