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    What is a Grinder?
    A Grinder is a tool designed to break your herb into evenly and fine ground bits. Almost all Dry-Herb Vaporizer regardless of their brand, portability and heating style, deliver their best performances with ground herb. Grinding your herb provides a better air flow in the heating chamber of the vaporizer and also increases the surface area of your herb. In result, more amount of the dry herb in the chamber gets heated evenly so the produced vapor will be more robust and flavorful. Grinders are must-have accessories for anyone interested in vaping dry herbs.

    Grinder Types
    There are plenty of brands and styles of Grinders in Vaping Shops but in general Grinders could be categorized into 2 Piece Grinders (either Metal, Wood or Acrylic), 4 Piece Grinders (mostly Metal), Grinding Cards and Electric Grinders.

    1. 2 Piece Grinders are the most simple grinders. They definitely can do the job for you but there is no chamber to collect the ground herb.
    2. 4 Piece Grinders not only have a specific chamber to collect the ground herb, but also they have a specific compartment to collect the herb pollen (AKA Kief or Trichomes).
    3. Grinder Cards are extremely portable and they work just like a cheese grater.
    4. Electric Grinders are the least popular type of grinders as they mostly tend to pulverize the dry herb into powder. Powdered dry herbs are not suitable for vaporizers as the airflow decreases dramatically .

    While VapeItPro carries high-end brands of Wood and Metal grinders (Santa Cruz Shredder, Phoenician, Aerospaced and our own VapeItPro Aluminum 4 PC Grinder), we highly recommend 4 Piece Metal Grinders, specifically ones made of Aluminum (and not Zinc Alloy). Aluminum Grinders are way lighter comparing to Zinc ones. The technology used in Aluminum Grinders is mostly CNC which is very precise. Metal-Grinders-Teeth Sharpness last much longer than Wood and Acrylic Grinders.